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The National Veterans Committee on Constitutional Affairs (NVCCA) is a First Amendment Assembly of current and former United States Military personnel allied by a common mission of continuing to uphold our oaths to protect the Constitution for the United States of America against all enemies, be they foreign or domestic.

That's it folks, nothing more or less interesting than that. But of course, within that broad mission lies much fertile ground for plowing.

What makes the NVCCA different?
The NVCCA is unlike other veterans groups in that we are not motivated to obtain money from public (tax dollars) funding sources to acheive either our stated mission, or to pad our personal wealth with additional benefits

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arising from our current or previous public service as a member of the United States services.  Rather, our mission is one of both education and positive political action to see to it that the rights of ALL Americans are continuously preserved via public policy, even as we have served our nation to protect and defend it.   Part of this education mission is providing materials (free of charge) and other resources to elected officials to increase their awareness of Constitutional issues.   As service personnel who have taken an oath to "support and defend the United States Constitution" the NVCCA is the only first Amendment association of current and former military personnel who are continuing to pursue that mission outside of government employment.

Also note that the NVCCA does NOT work on any political campaigns, endorse any political parties or candidates, or in any way connect itself with candidate activities.  This is a "politics free zone" from the standpoint of specific elections within any federal, state or locally elected offices.

Our primary mission is therefore truth and honor in the public eye.  We will educate the general public about the truths of our Constitutional Republic, and develop strategies as we see fit to preserve our longevity as a nation among the greater community of nations.  For more information about our current projects, contact us!

Structure of the NVCCA
Our membership is comprised of an executive board (the legislative team), a policy board, state coordinators, and two levels of general membership (military and civilian support).
  • The Executive Board is the national operations staff, and includes the NVCCA Commander who serves as the Chairman of the Policy Board.  The Legislative Director manages legislative affairs generally and acts in a training and support role for state coordinators who are involved in their state's legislative matters.  Supporting staff includes one or more legislative assistants, one or more research assistants, director(s) of special projects as needed, writers and web site management as needed.  Staff may be volunteer or compensated based on available budget, ongoing projects, and needs as determined by the Policy Board
  • The Policy Board is limited to former and current members of the United States Armed Forces and those State agencies that are military related (state militia, national guard, reserves, etc.)   Those who wish to give in larger amounts may, of course, follow their heart on the matter.  We do offer Silver ($100), Gold ($250) and Platinum ($500) memberships, along with Patron ($1000 and above) designations.  Patrons are permitted to earmark their donation toward a Special Project of their choice.  All other donations are applied by the Executive Board as they see the current need. Silver membership and above, who are active and former Armed Services personnel are automatically members of the Policy Board. Click HERE for a membership application.
  • The State Coordinators are the main contact point for each state in the Union.  If an issue is being pursued by our Legislative Action Team (with the consent of the Policy Board), then these State Coordinators are conduits through which local activities are undertaken. State Coordinators are expected to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and ethics, and diligently move with the NVCCA when action is occurring in their respective states. Those wishing to be state coordinators for the NVCCA will be trained according to standards established by the Executive Board.
  • General Membership is open to anyone who wishes to support the NVCCA, regardless of current or former military status.  Current or former members of the United States Armed Services are eligible to join for only $35 per year, whereas civilians pay $50.